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How we do it!
CCTV vs. Professional Photography 

When it comes to property photography, wonky angles make a house look unrealistic. A professional photographer aims to present the property with no distortions. This is why we take a shot from every good angle in a room, showing much more of the room.

The appropriate lighting balance

Our motto is " The Photographers' job is to present the property in the best light possible!" and for a reason. We know how to compose multiple exposures so that your images look bright and beautiful without the ugly effect of blown-out windows.

Fixing a "First hand paint
but forgot the second"

It is rare to take the pictures before the refurbishing has been completed. In the rare cases that we do, we can fix a bad paint job and we make it look seamless

Phone shot vs Pro shot

Phone cameras have improved immensely, but they are still inferior compared to Pro photography. 

Yeah, it's easier to snap it quickly with the phone, you can even brighten up the images.

But is this what your clients deserve? 

Professional photographer knows how to manipulate light, what composition is best, how to create a perfect HDR without loosing the true colours or get burned windows. We put hours and sometimes days into a project to grab the interest of potential buyers.

We can make it sunny

In Scotland, it is rare that we get a sunny day, but this doesn't mean the exteriors should look gloomy and doomy. As a standard we add blue skies to every exterior to portray a bright and beautiful day.

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