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How to Prepare Your Property For A Photographer

Short of knocking a zero off the sale price, there's nothing that'll make a property listing more appealing to buyers than professional quality photos.

That means hiring someone who doesn't just have the right tools for the task, but also knows how to make a property look good.

What can you expect from your photographer?

If all goes to plan, they'll turn up, take photos and leave. They won't ask to stay for lunch (at least, they shouldn't).

It's a straight-forward job, but there are certain things you can do prior to their arrival that will facilitate the process. Slick camera work and post-production wizardry can only achieve so much; to get the best photos possible you'll need to ensure your property has showered and brushed its hair.

For those that don't do silly analogies, that means your property needs to look presentable. It should be tidied, flipped upside down, and cleaned from top to bottom.

That's not all - there are several other actions we recommend you take before your photographer knocks at the door:

Hide all cleaning products

Keep curtains open and blinds slightly rolled down

Remove anything political or sport related

Hide family photos

Keep your property as neutral as possible


Hide all cleaning products

Needless to say, bottles of bleach and floor mops aren't the most aesthetic ways to decorate a room. Plus their presence may imply that the property was only cleaned for the photo. Which might well be the case, but that doesn't instil any prospective buyer with confidence.

This is your chance to get your reader excited about the guide and appreciate the real value behind reading the post in its entirety.

Keep curtains open and blinds slightly rolled down

We want to get natural light into the room, so curtains should stay open. Opposed to having them closed, which is a great way to sabotage your photos and give the room that terrifying dungeon vibe. Blinds should be kept open for the same reason, albeit they tend to look better when slightly rolled down.

Remove anything political or sport related

Advertising your political beliefs or favourite team can be off-putting for potential buyers, especially those with conflicting allegiances. And really it's just an unnecessary distraction; we suggest you stash away your Ally McCoist shrine before any photos are taken.

Hide family photos

God bless her, your framed picture of Auntie Maureen in Tenerife doesn't belong here. As a rule: If you're trying to sell your home, then it's best to make it look less like your home. A wall cluttered with photos of random people doesn't capture the imagination of buyers, so it's best to take them down and put them away. Speaking more broadly, it's good practice to....

Keep your property as neutral as possible

In order to maximise interest from buyers, it's advisable to make your property look more like a showroom than someone else's home. That means clean, minimalist, and uncontroversial. You want rooms to be bare enough that viewers can project on their own interiors, but not so bare that they feel cold and lifeless (e.g. the sofa can stay, but get rid of all the throws, extra cushions, and any other junk that lives on it).

What else can you do?

  • Make sure kitchen surfaces and table tops are clean and dry.

  • Mow the lawn, tidy the garden.

  • Hide any old and tatty items.

  • Take cars off the drive.

  • Banish all children's toys to Grandma's (or the cupboard will do).

  • Hide pet bowls/beds/toys

  • Close all drawers and cupboard doors

Thinking of getting a professional photographer in? Well give yourself a round of applause. An iPhone camera may be great for a lot of things, but taking the best possible photos of your property 'ain't one of them.

If you happen to live in the central belt of Scotland, then Axiom Pic can help you. Based in Glasgow, we offer several services aimed at capturing your property in its best light. Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us using the chat box below.

P.S. We never ask to stay for lunch, because that's super weird. (And also unprofessional).

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